There’s no better way to adios a scorching summer than with a sizzling barbeque – and the final weekends of summer give you the perfect opportunity to host the hottest parties of the year. Here are 5 of the most trending summer bbq themes of 2017 to model your party on.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean

Shiver me timbers – Pirates of the Caribbean is back and its summer release means this summer we’re going to be pirate-hungry once again. A pirate-themed barbeque invites guests to be as ocean-dastardly as they can be.

Pirates of the Caribbean Summer BBQ Party Food:

Pirates spend their time on the sea so seafood is a must – but wait! Pirates take what they want so you can’t discount land foods. In pirate style, you’ll serve it all – surf and turf. Thick steaks on the fire with fish kebabs or crabs as a starter will make your pirate guests happy. Try putting flags on sausage hotdog boats for your guests to eat as they roam.

Pirates of the Caribbean Summer BBQ Party Decorations:

  • All pirates need a flag – you can find flag napkins or even put a flag poster on your door to invite  your pirate guests in.
  • A table of blue-jello shots for adult guests can add color, taste, and fun to the night.
  • An ‘X’ marks the spot. Fun maps on the walls, as posters, with ‘X’ marked on them, or simply an ‘X’ in key areas of your home (i.e. washroom, fridge, front door) will be fun. You could even get a packet of ‘X’ stickers and put one on each drinking glass.

2. Barbie Themed Summer BBQ Party

The hottest summer dresses, blonde hair, and a tan Barbie defines summer! A Barbie themed summer BBQ party is fun for her and him.

Barbie Summer BBQ Party Food

  1. Rotisserie-Style Chicken – Barbie’s toy BBQ had a rotisserie-style chicken. Your friends will love this high-protein main.
  2. BBQ Burgers – Burgers cooked on a BBQ’s open fire are what burgers are supposed to taste like. Choose your favorite burger recipe or simply add finely diced white onion to beef mince with a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce and you’ll have a patty that tastes great. Remember to BBQ your onion beside your patties to give it that extra taste.
  3. Salads and Sides – Barbie’s foods were all-American style so think salad, bread, cheese, and sauce. Simple but tasty.

Barbie Summer BBQ Party Decorations

  • Pink, white, yellow, and orange everything (cups, plates etc.)
  • Juice Bar – have a special table set up that has summer fruits (pineapple, oranges etc.) where guests can get themselves a fruity and refreshing juice.
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3. Hawaiian Luau Summer BBQ Themed Party

Cowabunga, dudes – time to get laid! A traditional Hawaiian-style BBQ – a luau – brings the best-of-summer to you.

Hawaiian Luau Summer BBQ Party Foods

  1. Meaty Main – Cube, skewer, and marinate your favorite cuts of meat with salt, pepper, cumin, paprika, garlic, and olive oil, then BBQ your skewers. The key to luau-eating is that everything should be easy to pick up and carry as you walk around – because it’s a luau, and that means dancing!
  2. Sides – If you choose to make Hawaiian-style burgers, then light salads (spinach, onion, cheese, pineapple) can be available beside burger rolls. But the most fun snack would be fruit cups. Dice pineapple, apples, and oranges and put them into cups for guests to pick up and eat on-the-move.

Hawaiian Luau Summer BBQ Party Decorations

  • Plastic flowers in wreaths to hang.
  • Get creative with your fruits and make sure your baskets of assorted fruits are bright and colorful.

If you have junior guests, don’t forget that this area is where Moana is from, so related napkins, plates, and cups will be a lot of fun.

  •       Give your female guests a flower to wear behind their ear.
  •       Light coconut scented candles.
  •       Get some sand and put it on the table (lightly).

4. Dubai-Style Summer BBQ Party Theme

You don’t need a magic carpet to treat your guests to a desert BBQ this summer – we’ve got you covered. But if you’re still craving a first-hand Middle East experience, you could be taking on sooner than expected by using these Budget Travel tips.

Dubai-Style Summer BBQ Food

  1. BBQ Meats and Chicken – While goat was the traditional BBQ meat, today you’ll find shish taouk, yogurt chicken skewers, and beef or lamb mince skewers being served. They’re easy to make and can be eaten with bread, salad, and dipped.
  2. Sides – Arabic bread, Hummus, Yogurt, Fatoush salad, Tabbouleh salad.

Dubai Summer BBQ Party Decorations

  •       Dine Bedouin-style: get a floor rug and set up a picnic-style eating area.
  •       Have dates, bananas, and fresh juices at the center of the blanket for your guests to enjoy.
  •       The rich smell of oud will bring your summer BBQ party to life. But if you can’t get oud, you can still make your party memorable: select a perfume to scent your event and have it at the door where guest enter – spray the scent on your guests as they enter and create ‘Thank You for Coming’ cards and lightly spray the scent on – the memories will all come back every time your guests smell it. Small gifts that make a big difference can add up though, but you can get them without breaking the budget by taking advantage of these 7 Cash-Saving Online Shopping Tips.

5. 80’s Summer BBQ Party Theme

McFly left the 80s three times and always came back because the 80s was totally tubular. Your 80s summer BBQ party might have your guests doing the same thing, making this a summer of endless partying!

80’s Summer BBQ Party Food

  1. Kebabs – If it was up to the 80s, everything would be on a toothpick. To pay tribute to that appreciation, your 80s themed party should serve the mother of the toothpick: the skewer. Create kebabs with meat or chicken and vegetables.
  2. Snacks – Chips and dip. Cucumber and carrot. Toothpicks with cheese, cabana, and a grape.

80s Summer BBQ Party Decorations

  •       Black and white checkered tablecloths – you can get them now at Sears and you’ll get Cash Back when you make your Purchase via
  •       Hanging Rubix cubes.
  •       Neon and silver decorations.
  •       Fun party glasses (these can be bought in party packs).

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