China has hit the jackpot with the November 11th Singles’ Day, which traces its origins to Chinese universities during the 1990s. What’s the significance of 11/11? Well, the number ‘1’ represents an individual who is alone. On Singles’ Day, Chinese brands offer an all-out online sales blitz as shoppers celebrate singlehood by spending (and saving) big.

How big? In 2015, Singles’ Day retailers from more than 200 countries sold a staggering $14.3 billion in merchandise! As a point of comparison, ecommerce retailers in the U.S. took in a mere $7.54 billion over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday spendfests combined.  

And why is that? Because being single is something to celebrate! If we’re really honest, being single means spending more money on yourself (there’s no anniversary gifts or expensive dinners), and what’s not to love about that.

Here are the top 5 reasons to celebrate flying solo on Singles’ Day:

You Don’t Have to Share

You’re single. You’re independent. When you go shopping, you make purchases just for you. You didn’t wait for it to fall into the couple’s budget; you just went and got it and now you have it. Whether it was a diamond, the latest iPad or new underwear, it’s now yours.

You Can Spend Your Time Any Way You Like

Of course, it’s nice to have someone to snuggle with, but what about you? As a single, if you choose to dedicate an entire month only to yourself, then you can. No feelings get hurt. No one thinks you are being selfish. It is all about self-betterment and you don’t have to be sorry for it.

You Can Make Changes — For You

You’re always evolving, and being single means everything around you can change as you do too. None of that “My partner likes my hair this way, so I keep it long”… No! More like “I liked my hair long yesterday but today I cut it all off. And tomorrow I’m going to buy more hair.” It’s called freedom.

Roam Around the World

You can get on a plane and explore the world. Whether you want to go to Africa for a mountain gorilla tour, watch the sun as it sets in Burma or ride a camel in Abu Dhabi, it’s entirely your choice, right down to whether it’s a 5-star or backpacker hotel. Remember to book all your travel through and get Cash Back on every glorious trip!

Treat Yourself to a Night Out

Going out with yourself is the best date ever. You eat where you want, see the movie you want, go home when you want, wear what you want… If you want to spend 10 hours in a mall, who is going to complain? No one!

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