If you’ve clicked on this post, you’re probably serious about coffee and are on a quest to find the best coffee machine for you. After all, each of us has our own particular way of drinking coffee and finding a machine that does what you need is essential to fulfilling your coffee dreams. So whether you need one straight from the pod, or the bean, for a quick coffee fix in the morning, or you fancy yourself a barista and require a steamer – what we shall refer to from now on as an espresso machine – then here is our rundown of five exceptional coffee machines for a variety of budgets.

The Elektra Art Micro Casa Leva Espresso Machine

Starting with the most artsy, the Micro Casa Leva espresso machine from Italian company Elektra is the Rolls Royce of coffee machines. We’ve yet to find a coffee machine that looks so incredibly sleek – like an art deco sculpture – or that makes such great coffee. Developed for home use, its quiet performance is perfect for mornings and it provides an incredibly creamy espresso and great steam performance.

With over fifty years in the business, the Elektra brand embodies coffee elegance, and though their machines are at the top end, they are an investment that are set to last you a decade.

5 Extraordinary Coffee Machines for 2016

Coffee machines never looked so good — the Elektra brand has stolen the design award again.


De’longhi Scultura Coffee Machine

Combine reasonable price, great coffee and a cool design and you get the De’Longhi Scultura espresso machine. Featuring just three buttons, it is simple to use and easy to maintain. The Scultura’s retro design is ideal for those who like to have control over their coffee, while being a great starting point for the new coffee fan. It has a large 1.4-litre water container with a metal warmer on top that  means you can quickly heat your cups as the machine warms up! Choose from double or single-shot filters, froth your milk and you’ll be drinking a cafe-quality coffee in no time at all – just don’t expect to have a conversation because the machine is rather loud!

5 Extraordinary Coffee Machines for 2016

This retro 1950s-inspired espresso machine is reasonably priced for its quality and functional capabilities.


Sage by Heston Blumenthal The Oracle

At the top end, the wizard of coffee machines you could say, is the Oracle(™) from Sage by Heston Blumenthal. Creating exceptional coffees while bypassing much of the hard work involved, this “bean-to-cup” design combines smart coffee computing with amazing mechanics to ensure every cup of coffee, whether it’s an Americano or a cappuccino, is as good as a simple espresso. Not quite as easy as a press of the button, this machine still involves a lot of the manual work needed for an espresso machine, it just has a separate coffee grinder attached.

5 Extraordinary Coffee Machines for 2016

Created by British celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal, the Sage Coffee Machine is at the top of the coffee machine heap.

Nespresso Inissia Espresso Machine

The saying “good things come in small packages” applies directly to this nifty Nespresso machine. It’s not the cheapest pod coffee machine but it’s compact, quick and good-looking. It’s low-maintenance, holding around 12 empty coffee pods, which means you don’t need to empty it after every use, and it also has a decent tank size that won’t need constant refilling. If a quick espresso in the morning is just your thing, then this is ideal for you.

5 Extraordinary Coffee Machines for 2016

This Nespresso coffee machine will satisfy your coffee cravings without breaking the bank. Priced at $139 at Walmart with free shipping in the U.S., plus shop with DubLi.com and earn Cash Back.


De’longhi Eletta

This is a pure bean-to-cup coffee machine in every sense of the word, no milk-froth fussing, just a simple press of the button et voila, a cappuccino! Designed with a milk reservoir, this means no manual steaming and the perfect lattes and macchiatos at your fingertips without needing a barista’s degree. Though at the pricier end of the market, the machine uses coffee beans instead of capsules, bringing down the long-term cost of home-based coffee making. Easy to maintain, this multi-tasking coffee machine warms up a bit slowly, but time is saved in the speedy coffee-making process.

5 Extraordinary Coffee Machines for 2016

The DeLonghi Eletta machine makes quick, delicious bean-to-cup coffee.


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