Men and beauty? Yes… men! Women are the beauty essentials queens, but men have things they can do to make themselves look groomed and cared for, too. Here are five secrets of ‘that guy’ that could change how the world looks at you.

1. Polish your shoes

A man’s shoes can make or break him. And it doesn’t even matter what brand they are, as long as they are well taken care of. Leather shoes can be buffed with a little cloth and soap. Black shoes should always be of one solid black color, as should brown shoes. And having a spare pair of laces will be your savior in the event of a miscolored lace (maybe you were training too hard and trod on the lace?).

2. Cotton Innerwear?

There’s a reason your dad always wore an undershirt. The human body sweats, even in cold weather. A white cotton undershirt will act as a barrier between your skin and your shirt to keep it fresh. This way, the good shirt will not get any odors on it and you can feel secure throughout the day. Cotton absorbs odors so the chances of you having an afternoon BO scent are less. If you have something very important to do in the late afternoon but have to be out in the morning, a simple and quick change of the undershirt in the afternoon will have you ready to go.

3. Get familiar with soap

Gel is beautiful. It has that manly scent. These scents make women turn their heads. But that is its main purpose: to make you smell good. A bar of soap will be your savior in hot weather as its job is to clean. And clean means everything. You can start with soap and then add gel on top if you love your scented skin. But always begin with a clean slate, aka a soap cleaned body.

4. Own a sewing kit

There is no excuse: you can sew a button back on. Going out with a missing button is not good. You are presenting yourself to the world that this man has it all together. Imagine Iron Man with a piece of his outfit slightly ripped from a fight, though not ripped enough to be torn, and he thought it’d be fine. A sewing kit will mean you can have everything at store-quality in a flash. And don’t forget the brownie points you will get from every woman who knows you’re absolutely in control of it all.


Bring out your trendiest pieces and strut your style. Top it off by wearing your favorite scent, get a sleek hairstyle and shape up that scruffy beard. This is the checklist you’ve been waiting for, so start shopping via and explore styles that are uniquely you.

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