There’s no continent in the world like Africa, where so many extremes of nature and culture co-exist. With rainforests the size of India and a desert the size of the U.S., along with the most fertile savannas in the world home to incredible beasts, Africa offers an experience like no other place. The extent of awe-inspiring sights is unparalleled: the largest lava lake in the world with volcanic eruptions that can bee seen from space, a feat of human engineering, the Great Pyramids, and the great Wildebeest Migration.

If you haven’t been yet, make 2017 the year you do. Here are five incredible African adventures to get you started:

Gorilla Trekking

What: Get back to nature and trek through virtually untouched jungles for an incredible experience that allows you to see Mountain Gorillas in their natural habitat – while you still can!

Where: The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Rwanda, and Uganda

Why: There’re only 700 mountain gorillas left on earth and the DR of Congo is home to one of the most extraordinary jungles on earth. Trek guides know the habitat and gorillas better than anyone, and will share with you an extraordinary understanding of this endangered species.

When: Most tourists avoid the wet seasons, opting instead to travel between June and September and from December to February. However, traveling in the wetter low season means that prices are lower.

How: There are a multitude of websites that offer safari packages, which include accommodation, food, travel and all necessities while on the guided tour. Expedia has a network of hotels in Africa and can also organize cheap flights for your journey.

5 Amazing African Adventures to Experience

Rwanda is home to most of the dwindling number of mountain gorillas left on earth.

Take An African Safari

What: See the exotic animals giraffe, zebra, crocodiles and hippos as they interact with each other in their own habitat. Have you seen what this safari group witnessed during a once-in-a-lifetime moment at Kruger National Park in South Africa?

Where: Botswana is renowned for having the largest elephant herds, along with an incredible array of your favorite African animals. It is also easy and safe to explore with many people speaking English too. South Africa and Kenya are also popular places to experience the Big 5, as well as boasting beautiful country, and the latter a fascinating culture. Namibia and Tanzania also have an abundance of wildlife and boast exceptional safari options.

Why: Not only is the landscape extraordinary, but being able to experience nature in it’s rawest form as these magnificent beasts interact with each other is out of this world.
When: May to September is considered to be a good time of year, with the best months for game viewing during this period. April, May, September and October boast the best weather, with the worst weather (coldest at night), during June to August.

How: can find you the hotel you’ll need for your safari. Ask an agent which hotels are closest to national reserves and ask about booking trips while you’re there. Your hotel receptionist will also be able to assist you if you decide you’d like to see and do more once there.

Rwanda is home to most of the dwindling number of mountain gorillas left on earth.

Safari expeditions can enable you to see some of Africa’s most majestic animals in their natural habitat.

A Volcano Hike in Congo

What: Hike Mount Nyiragongo in Virunga National Park and see the 1.2-mile wide lava lake at the top. Spend one day on the six-to-eight hour hike to the top, camp overnight on the volcano, and descend the next day.

Where: Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Why: You will literally stand on the edge of a live volcanic crater and stare into a bubbling lava lake – kind of scary, kind of awesome!

When: All year round, but certain months will increase your chances of getting clearer photos, so June to October, and December are often preferred.

How: This trip could easily be combined with Gorilla Trekking, and you can find plenty more details about booking your trip with the Visit the Virunga website here.

5 Amazing African Adventures to Experience

Trekking to Mount Nyiragongo can give you an unforgettable view of an active volcano.

A Breathtaking Balloon Ride Above the Serengeti

What: Gain a unique perspective on the African landscape as you fly over the awe-inspiring Serengeti.

Where: The Serengeti stretches from northern Tanzania to western Kenya.

Why: The Serengeti is known as the home of large predators, with lions, leopards, hyenas, giraffe and crocodiles living together. As off-road driving is not permitted in much of the Serengeti, you will fly over many areas that can’t be reached or seen by car, allowing you to see an even vaster array of nature.

When: The Serengeti weather means that ballooning can operate all-year round. Even in the rainy seasons, the mornings are bright and sunny with the rains in the afternoon, and at this time of year the Serengeti is lush and green with a vast array of wildlife.

How: Even if you’re on a pre-booked safari experience, many companies will pick you up from your hotel and deliver you back to the hotel, all before midday. Contact a local travel agent to find out more about the hot air balloon safari or speak with the receptionist at your hotel.

5 Amazing African Adventures to Experience

A balloon ride over the Serengeti gives you a unique perspective of the African landscape.

Cruise Down the Nile

What: Take a seven day trip down the Nile on a plush boat and stop off at ancient towns, tombs, and temples along the way, including the Great Pyramid and Sphinx of Giza, the Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Karnak, Cairo, and Aswan. Explore the bazaar during the nights and incredible archaeological sites during the day and, if you’re very adventurous, go for a camel ride.

Where: Egypt, Northern Africa.

Why: The temples, culture, cities, sites and amazing ancient architecture are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. You’ll delve into the fascinating history of ancient Egypt and see some of the most fascinating historical sites, including one of the Seven Wonders of The World, The Pyramids.

When: The most pleasant months to travel are between September and April; during the summer months, daytime temperatures can soar above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

How: Book a complete package tour that will include everything from food and drinks, entrance fees and guided tours around sites, accommodation, transfers, and all service charges.

5 Amazing African Adventures to Experience

A voyage down the Nile includes excursions to observe the iconic Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza.

Looking for something else? Other incredible locations and experiences include:

The vibrant city of Marrakech, Morocco. Adrenaline junkies can go diving with great white sharks in Cape Town, South Africa. Hikers can climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, the highest point in Africa.

The entire continent of Africa is rich in history, and a trip there can be a life-changing experience that can permanently alter your perspective of life. wants your experience to be even more rewarding, so we’ll give you Cash Back for your trip when you book your trip with us. With popular online travel sites and stores offering Cash Back for flights, hotels, suitcases, clothing, toiletries, cameras, and everything else you need to make this journey perfect, make sure your pre-adventure destination is

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