Has your excitement about buying an awesome product from your favorite online store ever turned to depression when you see the total in your shopping cart, wishing there was some way to apply some savings? Well, you’re not alone!

Fortunately, there are plenty of deals and savings available if you know where to look. Here are 4 quick tricks to save money when shopping online.

Compare First

While you’re shopping online for anything from a big-screen HD TV to a new spring wardrobe, make sure you compare a few stores before you make your purchase.  DubLi.com partners with a huge variety of online stores in tons of categories like Electronics, Airfare & Flights, Clothing and Home & Garden. Before you navigate to DubLi.com, you can conduct a quick price search for merchants selling the product you want before you complete your purchase. After doing research, if you still want to buy from a favorite DubLi-affiliated store whose price isn’t the lowest, check to see if they have a price-matching guarantee – lots of major online stores offer price-matching so they’ll retain their loyal customers!

Coupon Codes

One of the easiest ways to collect savings is by applying valuable coupon codes. In the near future, you can check your favorite brand name stores on the DubLi.com site for approved coupons that you can “stack” on top of your Cash Back with every purchase.

4 Quick Tricks To Save Money When Shopping Online

Stacking coupons with Cash Back is how DubLi will offer you more savings than ever by shopping online.

Loyalty Programs

There are more online loyalty programs than ever — and DubLi is one of the biggest and best you’ll find. Basic membership is free, with everyone starting at the Premier level, where you can earn double Cash Back. Upgrading to the VIP Lounge for just $99 a year gives you an additional 6% Cash Back on every purchase, along with valuable coupons and other stackable deals available exclusively to VIP Lounge members.

Here are some other ways to save with loyalty programs:

Signing up for a store’s email list can give you advance notice of promotions, and occasionally you will receive a promo code just for signing up! Just be aware that many retailers will only allow you to apply one coupon per purchase. DubLi.com offers approved coupons on our website.

Online stores who offer credit cards award everything from immediate discounts to special deals and coupons to cardholders. Additionally, many credit card companies offer Cash Back on every single purchase, sometimes offering as much as 5% Cash Back on rotating categories like department stores, restaurants and gas stations!

4 Quick Tricks To Save Money When Shopping Online

Earning Cash Back on your online purchases is one of the easiest ways to save money.

Start all of your shopping sprees at DubLi.com.

You get Cash Back on every purchase through our website; just remember to sign in to DubLi.com before you start shopping — so make sure you start every online shopping adventure with us!

Happy Shopping!

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