By Kellie Drayton

Every year people make lists of resolutions, listing all the things they will change about themselves in the coming year. Most resolutions are broken in the first few hours of the New Year – giving up chocolate probably isn’t a realistic proposition. This year, trade in your New Year’s Resolution for a New You Resolution.

Here’s why New Year’s Resolutions are a waste of time:

If you really want to change, you can do it on 12/31/16, or any other day of the year.

Change is a decision made by the heart and carried out by the brain. If your heart and brain aren’t aligned, then there’s not going to be a change. There is no clock necessary for change.

New Year’s Resolutions are traditionally too difficult.

You rarely hear a New Year’s Resolution such as “Next year I will spend 11 minutes in the shower rather than 12.” They more often sound like “From next year I will change from a 3,500 to a 750 calorie-a-day diet!” Instead of opting to make gradual, realistic changes, most people resolve to make drastic alterations that will most likely burn out after a short time.

A new start is often mentally associated with celebration

And celebration is often associated with the things people commonly resolve to quit (certain foods, drinks, substances, people etc.). A New Year is a new start — do you have the snacks to celebrate?

The New Year’s Resolution is a farce. But don’t feel glum because there’s something else that will help you realize your dreams. Put the New Year’s Resolution in the bin. It is time for a New You Resolution. A New You Resolution is an affirmation to yourself that can be made at any time on any day.

Here Are some New You Resolutions:


You cannot control everything around you. We simply cannot. But you can decide how you react to what happens around you so react in a way that improves things for you.


As a human being, you are phenomenally strong. If an illness enters your body, your white blood cells will stop at nothing to fight and destroy the sinister invader. They recruit your red blood cells, round up vitamins and minerals, and your brain, nerves, and muscles step in to repair any damage. The next time that same bacteria enters your body your white cells laugh and roll up their sleeves because this time they know what to do. And while this war is fought inside your body, your brain is still busy working. You will be thinking, breathing, blinking, eating, talking, working, reading, exercising — everything else that needs to be done. It’s difficult to get your head around how perfect a human being is. What is the point of this spiel? You feel like a “failure” on New Year’s Day because you break your resolution. You’re a human being. The word “failure” is not your adjective.


People and things constantly move — even the Earth is constantly spinning on its axis and rotating around the Sun. We are not meant to be frozen in time and space. Take care to remember that when something or someone moves out of your life, something or someone else will move in or that empty space will be filled with something more suited to the needs you now have. When one door closes, another one inevitably opens.

You are the only person who can empower yourself. When you feel empowered, then you can make your own choices as and when it suits you to make them. Make 2017 the year of self-appreciation, and you don’t even need to wait. Start today and by the time the clock strikes 12 on December 31st, the new you will be celebrating!

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