By: Kaylin Meyer

“I regret going traveling!” – said no one, ever.


Jet, set go! Raise your hand if you’ve got travel fever? I do, I do! Do you wish you could see more of the world, but just can’t seem to find the time to pull the travel trigger? Well, let us introduce you to the perfect way to see the world without leaving home: Instagram. Live vicariously through adventurous Instagrammers, and you’ll be sure to quench at least a little of your travel thirst in no time. And who knows, perhaps the divine imagery will inspire you to one day explore some of the exotic locations you scroll through.

Here’s an inside look at a few of our favorite social media jet setters from around the world. Check out the top 10 inspiring Instagram travel accounts to follow, like, immediately…

[title text=”@Traveling_newlyweds”]

Want to live that travel life? Meet Alli and Bobby, the namesake couple in @traveling_newlyweds. People just like you and me, travel the world together and share their life experiences one photo at a time. They truly are living their lives to the fullest and make it feel like you too could one day do the same. Follow their story to get a real sense of what being a lifestyle enthusiast is all about.

[title text =”@Luxuryworldtraveler”]

Soak up the lovely surroundings that the world of luxury travel affords. From chic lodges and mind-blowing landscapes to stylish tiki huts and everything in between, the @Luxuryworldtraveler will take you on a magical journey like you’ve never seen before.

[title text=”@Passionpassport”]

Much like the luxury world traveler, @passionpassport also features captivating imagery from a community of travelers, storytellers and photographers who thrive in unconventional milieus.  

[title text=”@Weliketotravel”]

Inspiring your inner lifestyle enthusiast, @weliketotravel shares photos from the most beautiful places on this planet. If you thought you were adventure-bound before, wait ’til you join the #weliketotravel movement.

[title text=”@Travelplusstyle”]

Want to live that wanderlust life? Here’s another inspiring couple exploring the globe and making the travel lifestyle not just a possibility, but the new “normal.” @travelplusstyle

[title text=”@Wesinthewild”]

Dutch traveling man Wes Glasmacher has more than 75,000 followers. A musician who found a creative outlet through photography, @wesinthewild shares his explorations — his next trip is Aruba.

[title text=”@Adventure.addiction”]

Just when you thought landscape photography couldn’t get any better, @adventure.addiction takes you on a thrill ride of an adventure to get you completely hooked. But hey! At least, you were warned!

[title text=”@Modernoutdoorsman”]

@Modernoutdoorsman‘s page claims to give you “daily inspiration for outdoor living.” Are you captivated by the great outdoors? Start following this account and marvel at picturesque photos of mountains, lakes, canyons, even the Northern Lights.

[title text=”@Travelingishappiness”]

The handle @travelingishappiness pretty much sums it up. My only wish is that after you someday get to experience the traveling bliss depicted in this account’s images.

[title text=”@Ourcamplife”]

Last, but not least, view rustic scenery from a different perspective. Thee @ourcamplife account displays images from some of the most sacred places on Earth. It’s healthy to desire the unfamiliar and thrive in the unknown. Never forget, “not all those who wander are lost.”

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