Everyone needs a vacation now and then, but today’s perpetually abysmal economic outlook discourages many from taking one. However, there are some secret ways to stretch a travel budget in the categories of transportation, accommodations, and meals.

[title text=”Thrifty Transportation Tips”]

The single most expensive part of many vacations is the cost of getting to a destination. However, the experienced traveler knows how to save on vacations and that includes transportation costs. With a little research, travelers score cheap flights on both conventional and budget airlines. Here is how they do it.

[title text=”#1 Comparison Shop Early.”]

The key to getting cheap flights is usually to book early. Most people are aware of discount travel resources like DubLi Travel, and it is a good idea to comparison shop among their many discount airline partners.

[title text=”#2 Be Flexible.”]

Travelers willing to forego direct routes to their destination normally save plenty on airline costs. For example, some U.S. travelers wishing to visit a European vacation hotspot book the cheapest ticket to anywhere on the continent and then book an even cheaper flight to their final destination using budget travel site resources like DubLi Travel. Breaking up the travel itinerary in this way is often less expensive than booking a direct flight from the U.S. to one’s destination in Europe, and this is ultimately how to save on vacations to international locations.

[title text=”#3 Utilize Package Deals For Private And Public Transportation.”]

Travelers who opt for the freedom and flexibility of a rental car while on vacation gain the best deals by bundling the price of the rental with airline tickets or lodging reservations. Travel sites like DubLi offer discounts and cash back for its registered users. Travelers with ultra tight budgets find public transportation a likely option depending on the destination. For instance, Rome has inexpensive, user friendly metro, train, and bus lines with convenient stops throughout the city. The Roma Pass discount card features a three-day admission pass to two cultural sites, extra discounts on other attractions, and unlimited use of the public transportation system for those three days.


Traditional lodging choices take significant bites out of a meager travel budget, but these unconventional sources of a good night’s sleep leave money to spare.

[title text=”#4 To save money, travel using Hostels.”]

Hostels are the way adventurous youths explored the world in the past with very little money; the outfits were called youth hostels then. Now singles, couples, families, and the elderly relive their youth and save money by staying at hostels. Room options have evolved over the years, and many hostels offer private rooms with en suite bathrooms in addition to the standard shared dorms of the past. Some travelers to Miami, Florida opt to stay in the posh South Beach neighborhood at the Miami International Traveler’s Hostel which includes free breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the price of the room. This is a preferred option over a one star hotel far away from the beach with an average price tag of 40% more than hostel prices.

[title text=”#5 Begin A Couch Surfing Adventure.”]

For the really adventurous, there is a method of getting a free night’s sleep from kind souls who have additional rooms in their homes and a hospitable spirit in their hearts. Couchsurfing.org is an international organization that provides free membership for hosts and guests that facilitates home stays. Although the registration and home stays are free, guests are encouraged to show appreciation by cooking a meal or teaching their hosts a new skill.

[title text=”#6 Use Discount Travel Resources That Pay Cash Back.”]

Travelers looking for discounts on boutique, upscale hotels turn to travel resources like Dubli Travel for insight on the best prices for the best names in luxury travel. To really save money travel using resources like DubLi which give registered members a percentage of cash back when they book hotels through their site.


Although purchasing sustenance seems the least expensive part of travelling, the cost of three square restaurant meals per person adds up quickly. Here are some easy ways to cut costs.

[title text=”#7 Take Advantage of Free Breakfast.”]

The example of the Miami hostel that provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner is not typical, but most of these lodging establishments provide pretty substantial complimentary breakfasts.

[title text=”#8 Finding Free Appetizers.”]

A few restaurants in Italy and Spain provide free appetizers with the purchase of a drink. Usually the drinks are alcoholic, but one may request non-alcoholic versions. For instance in Italy, a person may purchase a drink for 5 Euros and get an array of quality appetizers of comparable portion size to a dinner for free.

[title text=”#9 Understand the Culture.”]

Savvy travelers to Spain know that the lunch time “meal of the day” costs considerably less than other items on the menu and usually make use of a fisherman’s fresh catch of the day. In Italy, travelers catch a break by foregoing table seating at restaurants and opt to take food to go for up to 50% in meal cost savings.

[title text=”#10 Undertake A Volunteer Vacation.”]

A volunteer vacation is an excellent way to donate some time to a worthy cause, potentially learn new skills, and usually save a lot of money on travel. The large outfits like the Sierra Club and the American Hiking Society offer its members free room and meals when they volunteer some of their time on special projects. Additionally, travelers write off the remaining travel expenses on their taxes if they volunteered with a qualifying non-profit organization.

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